The radiance and consciousness of the woman is the magnetic energy that attracts what soul will be granted the gift of the human body. The subtle body of the incarnating soul is attracted to or one could say, electromagnetically “chooses” the vessel. The woman, the father, the longitude and latitude, and time and space, all play into this earth plane attraction.

母親的光輝 (radiance) 和意識 (consciousness) 決定她將會吸引什麼樣程度的靈魂作為授予她身體的禮物。新靈魂的靈體 (subtle body) 會被母親身體的電磁場吸引。因素如母親,父親,經度和緯度,時間和空間,都會影響到新靈魂在這個地球上感覺到的吸引力。

Her vibratory frequency has a momentous affect on the entering soul. In the most positive manner when she changes her frequency, she can “erase” specific karmic patterns so the new being does NOT need to play out these karmas. How? She consciously can utilize yoga, meditation, prayers, or conscious self-reflection.


 “When a mother is pregnant, the kind of soul she can accept depends on her mental attitude. And then there is another beauty that within the realm of your belly, which is your pregnancy, you can totally transform the soul. The soul is pure and has nothing to do, but the subtle body carries the karma of the previous life. A mother can totally purify the subtle body of the new child.”

” 母親懷孕時,她可以接收到的靈魂完全取決於她的思想和心態。在你體內的世界裡懷著另一種美 – 這是你的懷孕,因為這個過程可以改造靈魂的意識。靈魂是純潔的,但靈體(subtle body) 帶著前世的業力, 而一位母親可以完全淨化孩子的靈體(subtle body)。”

Yogi Bhajan,1976年婦女營 / Women’s Camp


翻譯 / Translated by Charanpal Kaur



Om Wellness Presents

Zeo Sheehan – Channeler & Healer

at OM Yoga & Wellness 29th Sept – 3rd Oct, 2011





a.) Akashic Record Reading 60-80mins
Love Exchange HKD$1200
b.) Tantric Heart Session (Reading) 80-90mins
Love Exchange HKD$1200
c.) Soul Path Clearing (Akashic Records Reading with Additional Healing) 60-80mins
Love Exchange HKD$1700
d.) Freedom for your Soul   80-90mins
Love Exchange HKD$2000

Session A: Channeled AKASHIC RECORD READING (60-80min.)

Zeo offers profound healings and Akashic Record readings that include channeled guidance for your current life situation. Very much down to the point and directly addressing the biggest challenges a session offers the opportunity to gain perspective and move on with clarity, positivity and joy.
With simple keys that spirit provides, a transition into a space of deep inner peace and harmony becomes possible where life’s magic is experienced every day.

This is a powerful session, it includes both channeled guidance from 1 ascended master specific to your soul’s current growth and connecting to your soul’s Akashic records/memories to release any experiences which are limiting you most in your preset life situation. Very much down to the point and directly addressing the biggest challenges a session offers the opportunity to gain perspective and move on with more clarity, positivity and joy.
Receive helpful keys for your journey and go straight to the core to release what is blocking you from going forward in life and empowering yourself to the next level!

– Undo ancient agreements you made in other lifetimes and liberate yourself from limiting beliefs
– accelerate your path with joy, ease and grace by
releasing the deepest limitations on a core-level
– reclaim specific soul gifts that you may have closed down in other lifetimes
– live your life purpose on earth by understanding,
activating and using your gifts fully within your life, without fear (from the past)
– receive simple yet powerful keys specific to each soul to permanently transform old patterns
– session is also available by phone or Skype

Session B: TANTRIC HEART HEALING (60-80min.)

This session offers a powerful shift in your personal (love) relationship towards more harmony, peace and even greater love, intimacy, trust and divine union.
It incorporates healing of a core-blockage in the heart and deep resolution/clearing of inner feminine and masculine aspects of your own consciousness. Assisting your inner feminine and masculine energies to let go of deep-seated wounds, agreements and beliefs immediately reflects in your relationship(s) in your outer, physical reality. One of the most direct ways to move forwards in your love relationship or to attract an appropriate one into your life!

– Akashic Clearing for your inner masculine and feminine aspects (archetypes)
– release aspects of your feminine or masculine ‘core wound’ (story or belief) that creates difficulty in your personal relationships
– forgive indiscretions, and surrender old beliefs and emotions that may block your soul connection in relationship
release attachments to concepts or ideals that may block relationships from being experienced from a place of true peace or happiness, through the breaking of ancient agreements

Session C:  SOUL PATH CLEARING (80-90min.)

Receive the awakening of something new and a clearing that will support your true path and wholistic experience of life to unfold with more grace.

Essentially the Soul Path clearing is the same as the Akashic reading, but additionally, you receive another 30 min. of profound channeled crystal-sound clearing through the chakras and all dimensions of the heart. This facilitates a deeper connection to your joyful nature and higher self for more of your essence to merge with you and prepares the etheric/physical body for a higher level of frequency.. so the healing that happens during the reading is deepened and the new energies/blueprints/gifts of one’s soul are anchored into the physical dimension at an accelerated rate.. so less integration is required.. soul path and purpose open faster as a result.. (great for people with busy busy lives..)

– extended healing session, incorporates hands-on channeling to clear the heart and prepare the physical body to a higher level of frequency (as well as an initial Akashic Record Reading)
– anchoring of new energies with the use of crystals & crystal sound
– supports immediate integration of new gifts and manifestation of true soul path/purpose
– results in increased clarity, purpose, joy and harmony in all aspects of your life
(Please bring along a recording device to your session if possible, if not available Zeo can provide a low-quality recording for a a fee of HKD100..)

Session D:  FREEDOM FOR YOUR SOUL (80-90min.)

Clearing of energy-pathways in the physical body and many levels of your multi-dimensional being (energy-body). This session focuses on lifting deep seated anger and grief that has accumulated through many lifetimes and can affect your physical body with small and large pains and cause emotional challenges that seem unrelated to your current life experience here on the Earth. If grief and anger affect you on a re-ocurring basis and unbalance you, this session can bring about powerful healing.
– assists a soul to let go of unconscious memories of pain & suffering that manifest as pain in the physical body
– create a new reality for yourself filled with Joy!
– channeling of clear crystal sound and resonant tones throughout the session
– hands-on healing to clear and upgrade the physical body to a higher level of frequency
– lifting of blocked energies that currently manifest as pain in your body
– deep and graceful cellular clearing, uplifting and lightening of the physical experience

2. Workshops
‘Meet Zeo Sheehan – Free Introductory Evening’
29th Sept, 2011 (Thursday)
6:15 – 7:45pm
Love Exchange: Free

Introductory talk where Zeo provides an overview about his work and experience. He will speak about Akashic records and how it relates to your current experience, the workshops he will offer plus what you can expect to receive in his healing sessions. A taste of channeled Akashic record reading included…
‘Open to More Love’
1st Oct, 2011 (Saturday)
7:15 – 9:15pm
Love Exchange: HK$350

Open and receive deep healing through your heart to remove blocks to the Love of your own Spirit/higher self. Access your own inner wisdom to understand the practical steps needed for more Love in all areas of your life.
Channeled session with Ascended Master Lady Nada. Includes a deep inner journey, teaching, and an open Q & A circle for all participants to receive specific guidance/pointers for their personal queries.

’Codes of Divine Relationship’
3rd Oct, 2011 (Monday)
6:30pm – 10:00pm
Love Exchange HK$820, 15% off for Couples

This workshop is a deep repatterning within your energy field and DNA allowing you to receive a graceful upgrade of your relationship blueprint.

A half day of meditations combined with new divine union codes gently release struggle and old dynamics you no longer wish for in relationships with those you love.

‘Divine Relationship’ will assist you to anchor a higher level of love and consciousness and oneness with your higher self to empower you to experience a deeper connection with other souls.

Early-Bird Offer
Pre-Booking & make a non-refundable deposit to OM Yoga & Wellness by September 18, 2011

For Sessions
Akashic Record Reading & Tantric Heart Session Early-Bird Offer is HKD1000
The Extended Akashic (Soul Path Clearing Session) Early-Bird Offer is HK$1500

For Workshops
Open to More Love’
Please note also the ‘Open to more Love’ Workshop & Akashic Record Reading Package’ @ HK$1300

‘Codes of Divine Relationship’
Early Bird Discount HK$650
Couple Discount 15% Off Love Exchange $1400
(Instead of 2x $820 = HKD1640, Save HKD240)


Bookings Availability
29th Sept – 3rd Oct, 2011 9am – 7pm Opened for Sessions

We take 50% deposit payment as confirmation of bookings.

Please info@omyoga.com.hk for enquiries and bookings.

Early Bird Offers expires 18th September, 2011
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