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2012 Age of Aquarius - Golden Age

2012 Age of Aquarius - Golden Age

“In the cosmic energy, our frequency of psyche at the system at which we are parallel, becomes our permanent relationship. It will be like this: Psyche into psyche shall reflect and merge within the psyche and break the duplication and become unisonness when the mental power of the heart is neutral, and a person reaches out, just for seeking God within the other person or creating psyche connection.

All the rest of the people shall suffer. There’s nothing anybody can do. These are the laws of the Earth – they’re not going to change. Making a religion and collecting people is not what we need. There are already so many religions. We need reality, we need identity. We need to identify in the millions that we are out there to heal, out there to serve, out there to be in them. Our religion is to merge into the hearts of everybody, and not get bogged down with what their head is doing.

This is the principal difference between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. Aquarius quenches the thirst of everyone, while Pisces is symbolized by two fish biting at the tail of each other. Get out of the water, pick up your pot, and quench the thirst of everyone.”

~ Yogi Bhajan

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