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About the Chakras

Chakra in Sanskrit means wheel or disk, and is a metaphor for the movement of energy (kundalini) within the body.  This movement of energy is like a spinning or vibrating wheel—akin to a vortex—that corresponds to nerves, organs, and glands on a human, physical plane.  Although the chakras are invisible, their presence can be felt as physical and/or psychological symptoms of ease or dis-ease.  In this respect, we can use the chakra metaphor as an indicator of health and well-Being.  When the energy flows freely throughout the eight main chakras, then health is optimal, and according to the Kundalini Yoga tradition, the “kundalini” can rise; when the kundalini rises, we are animated, radiant, and shine with a vital joy or passion for life.  We truly live in the present moment.  The goal of Kundalini yoga, then, is to balance and open the flow of the energy through the vibration of the chakras.  The Kundalini “technology” (kriyas, meditations, mudras, pranayamas, etc.) does just that.

The Chakra system is a metaphor in another sense: It mediates the human form (flesh, bones, blood, etc.) with the formlessness of the ever present cosmic or universal energy that vibrates within and though everything.  Think of the infinite energy of the universe—always moving, flowing, transforming—vibrating as the structuring principle of all matter (even modern physics acknowledges the “nothingness” at the heart of all atoms in the sub atomic particle theory).  Now, think of the finite movement within the human body (western medicine and science use the metaphor of multiple systems—circulatory, muscular, skeletal, respiratory, endocrine, nervous, digestive, etc.).  The Chakra system (as a metaphor of the way energy moves) links the finite, human kundalini energy with the infinite energy of the universe.  Ultimately, the Chakras represent the infinite within the finite.

Each vibrating chakra (often called energy center) relates to a specific frequency of sound and light as it corresponds to both the finite and infinite.  The lower chakras (referred to as the lower triad) have a more dense energy frequency (as symbolized in the petals of a lotus flower), while the upper chakras operate at a higher frequency of light and sound.  In this creative system metaphors abound!  See the chakra chart below for specific finite correspondences.

Meditate on the following mantras and affirmations to bring balance to your chakras:

1st Root Chakra: Red Earth Energy
Sound: LAM
Affirmation: I have the right to be; I have the right to have
2nd Sex Chakra: Orange Water Energy
Sound: VAM
Affirmation: I have the right to feel
3rd Navel Chakra: Bright Yellow Firey Sun
Sound: RAM
Affirmation: I have the right to act; to step into my power
4th Heart Chakra: Sparkling Emerald Green Heart Energy
Sound: YAM
Affirmation: I have the right to love and be loved
5th Throat Chakra: Sky Blue Creative Energy
Sound: HAM
Affirmation: I have the right to speak my create truth
6th Third Eye Chakra: Indigo Wisdom Energy
Sound: OM (ONG)
Affirmation: I have the right to See; to step into my intuition
7th Crown Chakra: Rainbow Crystalline Light Energy
Sound: none
Affirmation: I AM Spirit (Wahe Guru)
8th Aura: Protective Projective Energy
Sound: none
Affirmation: I am protected and connected to the Infinite; (Sat Nam)

Information from Third Coast Yoga Center

Translation by Charanpal Kaur

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Second Chakra Energy

By Deva Kaur Khalsa, Florida, USA

Chakras can be described as our own unique energy centers that are embraced and contained by our aura or electromagnetic field. The lower three chakras deal with the more basic aspects of survival, while the upper chakras are more etheric and not always activated by most humans on the planet at this time.

The science of Kundalini Yoga and its mantras can easily take us into this more subtle realm, if we are willing to put in the physical effort to balance the lower chakras. Opening the flow of the lower chakras is essential, because they are the foundation for all our more subtle talents and abilities found at the heart, throat, brow, and crown chakras. After we have cared for our basic security at the root chakra, the second chakra can help us to be fluid in the way we move, to be comfortable in our body and creative in all that we do. When this second chakra is not blocked it can give us passion, adding spiciness to life and gusto to our words and actions.

2nd Chakra

2nd Chakra Energy

The energy of this chakra corresponds to the reproductive system, and encourages us to reach out beyond the isolation of the first chakra to desire or even long to be with someone else. When the second chakra energy is blocked or out of balance, it can cause the sexual energy to be shut down which can cause contraction or frigidity.

On the other side of the spectrum, imbalance can also cause excessive energy in this chakra, which can create an obsessive focus that makes everything in life seem to be about sex. Whether or not the second chakra is balanced, longing to merge with and love another is a powerful motivator. However, attraction is just the threshold of the deep love that can be built when two people complement and supplement each other as they gradually amalgamate into “one soul in two bodies”.

Many old second chakra patterns and blocks do not come to the surface until a couple has been together for some time. Almost all relationships will inevitably come to a place at some point in their relationship where both partners must work on purifying and rebalancing themselves and their communication, or separate. In my own marriage of over 35 years, I have found that when you hit what seems like a brick wall that could end the relationship, it is simply an opportunity to work to find a door to go deeper into being able to know yourself and to love each other. You can focus your Kundalini practice to solve and balance yourself through the tests intimacy in a committed relationship can bring. Sat Kriya is a phenomenal kriya that can balance and release the energy of the second chakra, as well as strengthen the reproductive system, which is often the first part of the body to be affected by the ravages of stress.

Yogi Bhajan has recommended up to 31 minutes of Sat Kriya a day, with an equal amount of rest to bring vitality and health to your body and mind. Sat Kriya is also a wonderful tool for helping the transition of menopause to go more smoothly. In addition, Sat Kriya helps to raise your Kundalini energy, which then nourishes all your chakras to support the unfolding of all your hidden talents. There are many other longer kriyas in Kundalini Yoga that you can use to help balance and unblock the energy of the second chakra.

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