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The Numerology of Relationships

By Sangeet Kaur Khalsa

This new millennium ushered in the era where partnerships, and hopefully harmony, comprise the underlying theme. In the last century it was “each man (or woman) for himself.” Now in this new age it is imperative that we learn to work, live, and love together harmoniously.

The month in which you were born reflects the karmic challenges your soul chose to master in this lifetime. Each month has some implications for partnership.

There are needs and strengths in each month. It is our needs that limit us and our strengths that support our aspirations and destiny.
For starters, let’s see how you, your family members, and friends fit the overall karmic monthly profiles.

  • Those born in January are great at doing things on their own, though they may long for it to be otherwise.
  • For February folks, partnership is the big desire, though not easily fulfilled, as the underlying concern is rejection.
  • March souls are light-hearted and love to be liked by many, but may find it hard to feel secure with one person.
  • For those born in April, partnership is preferred but over-thinking can get in the way,
  • while for those born in May it is urgent to keep active and look for a partner who will so inspire them.
  • June folks are all heart and home-centered, but have to be wary not to give their hearts away.
  • July souls really don’t want to be alone but resist anything that looks like control.
  • The August-born are passionate and fiery but sometimes reluctant to show it.
  • September brings strong-willed souls who have to learn when to hold on to relationships and when to let go.
  • October souls can be heroic and charismatic but often find partnership difficult as they prefer to do things their own way.
  • November souls seek a divine attachment and look for a partner to match lofty goals.
  • December folks are goodhearted and giving and sometimes too eager for love.

Now let’s see how these months are influenced by this year’s planetary 9 cycle.

The 9 cycle is bringing out whatever is hidden in all things—the unknown and unseen elements, the truths we may have missed, even the dark side. And the primary target is partnerships. Decision points abound—times to hold on through thick and thin, and times to step away from attachment.

How do you counter this massive influence? Build on the strengths in each karma number (the month you were born).

Here are some yogic tips:

  • January (1) – be true to your soul and chant Ong
  • February (2) – see God in all and relate to the divine partner with Ong Namo
  • March (3) – be light-hearted and for 40 days, at least twice a year chant Kirtan Kriya
  • April (4) – stay neutral and meditate on Guru Ram Das for elevation.
  • May (5) – practice yoga and pranayam daily.
  • June (6) – live with a happy heart and chant Shabad Hazare.
  • July (7) – do yoga sets for the aura and women should do the Grace of God meditation often.
  • August (8) – channel passion upward with Breath of Fire8 and the Kriya for Elevation
  • September (9) – surrender to divine will and chant Wahe Guru Wahe Jio
  • October (10) – gain strength with Sat Kriya and chant Chatara Chakara Vartee
  • November (11) – chant Humee Hum Brahm Hum or We Are God.
  • December (12) – focus your mind positively with Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad.

No matter what develops, live as the master you came to be. “Keep up, inspire others to keep up, and you’ll be kept up.” So we were given this promise by our beloved Yogi Bhajan and so it shall be.


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If they have taught me anything, the books I have read on relationships have taught me not about partnerships like marriage, but much more about the Self as it relates to every single thing and every single being on the planet. And, most importantly, the relationship to Self.

The Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan) says, “If you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.” To see God in all is to see God in yourself as well. He also says, “I shall see God in all, I shall serve God in all,” that means serve the self, too. This relationship to Self directly corresponds to your ability to give on every level. You have to give to yourself, in order to be given to. It’s pointless to want love in your life, if you are unwilling to love yourself the way you are wishing/dreaming/imagining someone else should love you. If you give of your time to others, but not to yourself, you end up depleted and possibly resentful on some level.

There are three tools I use in my personal life and I am grateful to be able to share them with you. I once read a book called, Conscious Loving (Gay and Kathleen Hendricks) and applied their simple 7 step system to loving myself. This has made a very profound difference in my life. The second, and you may smile, is that I have a weakness for a good romance book. The romantic traits are inspiring, and I use them. I look to cultivate those traits within and to be that for myself.

The third tool is Tithing. I am blessed to work in the Dasvandh office, yes, but Dasvandh is a very personal and intimate thing of itself. My position is one thing, the opportunity tithing itself allows me is another. For me, it is the most intimately fulfilling art of giving there is. The tradition of tithing is giving back to Infinity. To see God in all, is to know God in yourself, and to give to Infinity is to give back to yourself.

If you do not already participate, I invite you to step into this intimately fulfilling art of giving, by starting your tithing program today. It is a place of profound trust, yes, but it allows a freedom of spirit achieved in few other ways. The relationship to Self is to grant yourself the freedom of feeling the Universe taking care of you.

Article from: http://www.dasvandh.org/articles/relationship-self

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